2012 seems to be bringing a sea change in the bagel world: H&H Bagels has closed, as of Thursday, January 26th, after having been evicted from their last remaining location. Although their disappearance may seem sudden, it was, in fact, a somewhat predictable conclusion to an ongoing financial downward spiral. Summer 2011 brought the closure of their Upper West Side location, Fall brought the closure and auction of their large plan in New Jersey, and regular customers watched sales dwindle at their remaining midtown location.

The Wall Street Journal reports the following:

“Helmer Toro, who founded the company in 1972, said he won’t call it quits just yet. Mr. Toro last week filed court papers that he hoped would forestall an eviction. A hearing was set for next week.

On Thursday Mr. Toro said he received a call from his manager in the morning telling him marshals had arrived.

‘They just put a padlock on the door,’ Mr. Toro said. ‘The marshal said he’d never received [the court papers filed by Mr. Toro]. I even went down there and I showed it to them. Unbelievable.’”

¬†Although Mr. Toro has indicated that he is still trying to fight the eviction in court, padlock on the door appears to be final: the nail in the coffin for one of New York’s most beloved bagel establishment.